Our Process
UV Boards performs a comprehensive set of procedures that are followed to process the raw materials to produce Plywood, Blockboard and Decorative Veneer. Every procedure is significant in adding value to the final product. The making process encompass a combination of traditional and state-of-the-art techniques. Below listed are the sequence of procedures followed in manufacturing Plywood at UV Boards.
The veneers are sent through a high power dryer machine with constant high temperature in order to get rid of moisture content in the wood and at the same time to eliminate microscopic organism.

Gluing & Assembly
This process involves the gluing of the wider cross core veneers with the long panels having the same thickness. They are then layered together in order to bring more sturdiness. If the plywood does not undergo this process, the strength of the plywood relatively declines.

Hot Press
Veneer glued with each other is sent to hot press under high temperature & Pressure for polymerization. This ensures uniform density & strong bonding of veneers giving high strength to plywood.

Dimensional Cutting
Company has adopted a unique technique of performing a precutting process in order to obtain dimensional perfection. Here, the Plywood are trimmed vertically & horizontally.

The plywood here is applied to a completely computerized wide belt sanding machine. This is done in order to obtain smooth surfaces. UV Boards ensures to offer its plywood with the smoothest surfaces for the making of striking masterpieces.

Every piece of plywood that is rolled out of the factory is put to a Strict quality inspection of bonding and finish for consistent quality maintenance.
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